To meet all of your replacement needs, Ceronix provides catalogs that sort our replacement LCDs by game manufacturer and show you a sample of both the game and monitors.

CERONIX, Inc.’s Replacement Catalogs give you reference numbers from the game manufacturer as well as from the OEM manufacturer of the LCD. This information is available in both category segments and complete document form.

The documents are listed by game manufacturer.

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Ceronix Replacement LCDs for Gaming

Description Date Size Download
ACS Replacement LCDs 06/2015 848k ACS_Replacements.pdf
AGS Replacement LCDs 06/2015 1.8 MB AGS_Replacements.pdf
Ainsworth LCD Replacements 06/2015 720k Ainsworth_Replacements.pdf
Aristocrat LCD Replacements 06/2015 5.7 MB Aristocrat_Replacements.pdf
Aruze LCD Replacements 06/2015 6.1 MB Aruze_Replacements.pdf
Bally LCD Replacements 06/2015 15.1 MB Bally_Replacements.pdf
Brunswick LCD Replacements 06/2015 2.1 MB Brunswick_Replacements.pdf
Cadillac Jack LCD Replacements 06/2015 1.3 MB Cadillac_Jack_Replacements.pdf
Cole LCD Replacements 06/2015 5.3 MB Other_Companies_Replacements.pdf
Diamond Gaming LCD Replacements 06/2015 2.1 MB Diamond_Games_Replacements.pdf
GCA and Western Money LCD Replacements 06/2015 2.8 MB GCA_Western_Money_Replacements.pdf
GTech and Atronic and Spielo LCD Replacements 06/2015 5.9 MB GTech_Atronic_Spielo_Replacements.pdf
IGT LCD Replacements 06/2015 10.1 MB IGT_Replacements.pdf
Konami LCD Replacements 06/2015 4.2 MB Konami_Replacements.pdf
Leisure Time LCD Replacements 06/2015 1.3 MB Leisure_Time_Replacements.pdf
Multimedia Games LCD Replacements 06/2015 1.0 MB Multimedia_Games_Replacements.pdf
Rocket Gaming LCD Replacements 06/2015 1.7 MB Rocket_Gaming_Replacements.pdf
Star Games LCD Replacements 06/2015 5.3 MB Other_Companies_Replacements.pdf
VLC LCD Replacements 06/2015 5.3 MB Other_Companies_Replacements.pdf
WMS LCD Replacements 06/2015 9.4 MB WMS_Replacements.pdf

Ceronix Generic Monitors

Description Date Size Download
15″ LCD Monitors 07/2014 772k 15IN_LCD.pdf
17″ LCD Monitors 07/2014 644k 17IN_LCD.pdf
19″ LCD Monitors 07/2014 650k 19IN_LCD.pdf
20″ LCD Monitors 07/2014 810k 20IN_LCD.pdf
21.5″ LCD Monitors 07/2014 886k 215IN_LCD.pdf
22″ LCD Monitors 07/2014 496k 22IN_LCD.pdf
23″ LCD Monitors 07/2014 860k 23IN_LCD.pdf
26″ LCD Monitors 07/2014 920k 26IN_LCD.pdf
32″ LCD Monitors 07/2014 436k 32IN_LCD.pdf
40″ LCD Monitors 07/2014 731k 40IN_LCD.pdf
46″ LCD Monitors 07/2014 545k 46IN_LCD.pdf
55″ LCD Monitors 07/2014 723k 55IN_LCD.pdf
70″ and 82″ LCD Monitors 07/2014 402k 70IN_82IN_LCD.pdf

Ceronix Embedded PC Monitors

Description Date Size Download
Embedded Monitors 06/2015 623k Embedded_Monitors.pdf

Ceronix Outdoor Displays

Description Date Size Download
Outdoor Displays 07/2014 2.1 MB Outdoor_Display.pdf

Ceronix Digital Signage

Description Date Size Download
Digital Signage 06/2015 1.1 MB Digital_Signage_Replacements.pdf