Ceronix Inc. Customer Comments

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for pointing me to the LCD download. I’ve downloaded and printed it. Lots of helpful information there. Background and upgrade information. I wasn’t aware that the CPA model is often the first part of the serial number. I didn’t understand why there were like two different numbers. LCD 2209 and the CPA number. The more research I do the better I understand.  The one I just got is a 3079. That is a beautiful plant your working at and I applaud the hard work and success story of Mr. Whitaker. I like to support American companies and will always try to buy Your Ceronix products. Just wish they would still produce the great service manuals like they used to. Thanks for your time and help Lisa, have a great weekend!


Good afternoon Lisa and Alex,

Many thanks for coming by and helping me and the rest of the crew.  Your services  are very much appreciated. If time permits, I would like to visit your facility  in the near future. Keep me posted if any training or seminars come up any time soon on new products.  Once again thanks a bunch, all the best!

-Hardrock Casino


I just plugged in my new monitor and it works great! It’s so bright compared to the old monitors. I’ll let you know when my two older monitors go out and need a new replacement. And I’ll pick them up in person!

Your company has great customer service!


Hi Lisa,

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your help in getting the recent training event for our technicians set up. Please also pass my appreciation on to Don Whitaker and anyone else that was involved, as I don’t have contact information to thank everyone individually.

I’ve been working in the gaming industry for many years (about 20 years in Las Vegas before relocating to Indiana 7 years ago) , and I remember sending slot technicians to Ceronix for training back in the days of CRTs.  I always received positive feedback from the technicians upon their return, so when we felt a need for LCD monitor training here at Indiana Grand Racing and Casino, I naturally though of Ceronix.

After our technicians returned from their recent training trip, I again received nothing put positive feedback.  All of the technicians feel that they learned a lot, and that they are much more confident in attempting repairs going forward.  On top of that, they also told me that everyone at Ceronix had been extremely friendly and helpful, which I believe speaks highly of your company’s culture.  I could not have asked for anything better when we asked to come out.

So again, thank you for working with Mark Wise (our parts manager) for getting the event set up, and thanks to everyone at Ceronix for hosting the event.  It really is appreciated.


Hi Sheri,

I also want to thank you guys for being so great! I never have any issues with you guys like I do with other Vendors. So I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate it!